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It is with great joy that we invite you to the XVIIIth AIFREF Congress which will be held from May 15th to 17th, 2019, in Martinique, more specifically at the Hôtel de la Batelière in Schoelcher, near Fort-de-France. This hotel offers an idyllic environment to optimize exchange, discussion and reflection, in all serenity and depth.

In Martinique, the sky, the sun and the sea are certainly present ; but there are also the locals who will welcome you with warm smiles. The population has experienced many hardships – slavery, earthquakes, cyclones – but they have always recovered. Nevertheless, there are traces of the suffering endured. Is it not advisable then to organize a Congress on Resilience in this paradisiacal country, which, however, has frequently experienced hell ?

The theme chosen for the Congress, “Education and Resilience“, is therefore not innocent. We would be extremely happy to explore this topic with as many experts as possible and to share innovative practices that facilitate the resilience process.

Three sub-themes will structure the communicators’ presentations :

Resilience and Society

Given the cultural and societal characteristics of the Caribbean, research and action deserve to be proposed in relation to the following sub-themes :

  • ecological transition ; attachment to the land ;
  • justice, truth and historical reconciliation (slavery, colonialism) ;
  • the sense of empowerment in the Caribbean and elsewhere ;
  • digital inclusion ;
  • mobilization of youth with emancipatory activities ;
  • Cities of Education ;

Resilience and Family

As family issues are particularly acute in the Caribbean, it is important to consider the following sub-themes that contribute to the quality of life of the family :

  • risk and protective factors within the family ;
  • transmission of trauma ;
  • maternal and child protection (educational, medical, social, economic …) ;
  • prevention of delinquency, radicalization … (early childhood, childhood, pre-adolescence, adolescence) ;
  • social inclusion of vulnerable families ;

Resilience and School

The problem of school failure and dropping out leads to many clashes in terms of people’s identity and their social adaptation. Here again, the problems are acute in the Caribbean. The following sub-themes should be considered :

  • student retention and encouraging students to return to school ;
  • fight against illiteracy ;
  • school-family-community coeducation ;
  • school as a place of solidarity ;
  • school as a support for resilience ;

We hope to see you in our beautiful Caribbean island.